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Free roulette apps

There are hundreds of mobile applications which allow us to play free roulette games on the go, but not all are made equal. Some are stripped-down versions of real money roulette apps, with important gameplay features left out; some are stand-alone roulette games, which means there is no choice or variety; while others simply don’t work very well, regardless of what system you’re using.

Then there are the good roulette apps – the ones that offer the same quality, playability and in-game options as you would find in a real cash mobile casino. That is the kind of free roulette application we will focus on here, including native market apps for iOS and Android as well as Web apps which are compatible with all smartphone and tablet devices.

Best Mobile Roulette Apps:

Royal Vegas Roulette Casino-Mate Roulette App 7 Sultans Mobile Casino App
Royal Vegas
7 Sultans


Native Roulette Apps on Android & iOS

This is the kind of gaming application with which smartphone and tablet users will be most familiar. Native apps are those small executable files you can download from the App Store, Google Play, and other such mobile markets. These programs reside on your device’s hard disk and allow you to access your favourite games direct from your home screen with a single tap.

For mobile roulette, we highly recommend the official Royal Vegas Casino application – available on all Apple iOS and Google Android devices. This fully fledged market app is free of charge and grants you instant access to 70+ of the very best mobile casino games by Microgaming. Among these is European Roulette Gold Series, which boasts all the graphic splendour, ambient sound effects and rich gameplay features of the original desktop version.

Royal Vegas iOS Roulette App Get the Royal Vegas iOS app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Royal Vegas Android Roulette App Get the Royal Vegas Android app for Samsung, LG, Sony, and more

Note: the official Royal Vegas Casino iOS app is listed as ‘Regal Vegas’ in the App Store. Once installed, you can choose either practice play (Regal Vegas) or real money mode (Royal Vegas). For free mobile roulette, stick with Regal Vegas.

Web Applications for Mobile Roulette

Native roulette apps are great, but there’s one problem: not many online casinos offer market applications in Australia. In fact, is one of the only top gaming sites which supports a licensed native app for Aussie players, which means we have to look to other methods in order to explore all the best free roulette options out there.

Fortunately, there is another way to get easy access to your favourite mobile roulette casinos via smartphone and tablet. Web applications give you all the convenience of native casino apps and more, as they take only seconds to make and don’t eat up any space on your phone or tab’s hard drive. Best of all, you can make them on any operating system – so Windows Phone and BlackBerry users don’t miss out on a thing.

An Internet app is essentially a bookmark which creates a direct link between your home screen and a webpage. So when you tap a Web app icon to play your favourite free roulette games, you are actually opening an instant play casino in your browser instead of an executable program on your hard disk.

On Samsung Galaxy phones and other Android products with external menu buttons, you can even create Net apps for individual games within the casino. For example: if we made an app for European Roulette Gold at Royal Vegas, we could then load up the game instantly from our homescreen without having to scroll through the casino lobby at all.

The pictures below show just how easy it is to make a browser app for iPad and iPhone roulette games. The process is just as simple for Android and other operating systems, although the specifics are ever so slightly different. See our dedicated Web apps page for an in-depth explanation and how-to guide.

Casino-Mate Mobile Site 1. Pull up in Safari and hit ‘Play Now’
2. Tap the action button and select ‘Add to Home Screen’ Casino-Mate iOS Web App
Casino-Mate Mobile App for iOS 3. Name the app and hit ‘Add’
4. Web app will appear on your home screen Casino-Mate Roulette for iPhone

And that’s all there is to it. Now you can access the mobile casino lobby and your favourite online roulette titles just by tapping the app icon – no URLs or downloads required.

Mobile Casino Apps vs. Other Free Roulette Games

As we mentioned at the top of the article, there are plenty of highly entertaining free roulette apps on the market and heaps more that aren’t even worth your while. Here’s a few reasons why we think all Australians should stick to the free-play games at trusted mobile casinos like Royal Vegas.

Reliability – When you download any old roulette game off the App Store or Google Play, you never really know how well-made or fault-checked it is. When you visit one of our certified online casinos, on the other hand, you can rest assured that each title has been independently tested to ensure the random number generator (RNG) and all other parts of the game are working flawlessly. That means the devil’s wheel will function exactly as it would in real life, and your gaming experience won’t be ruined by a dodgy engine which keeps conking out or throwing up the same numbers.

Variety – Many free roulette apps are one-trick ponies which offer just a single standalone game. Compare that to a good mobile roulette site, where you can choose from dozens, even hundreds of unique free casino games – including mobile blackjack, 3D slots, video poker, and much more. Some of our secure mobile casinos actually carry numerous version of the devil’s wheel – such as, which has three distinct roulette releases for smartphone and tablet play.

Quality – A lot of the individual roulette games for mobile are lite versions of games designed for real money play. Sometimes these titles are gutted of core features like betting options and audio-visual quality, which really gives you the feeling you’re playing a demo rather than the real deal. That’s never the case when you play for free at our mobile gaming sites, where practice play performs just the same as real money roulette.

Royal Vegas Casino – our #1 free mobile roulette app