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POLi deposits

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POLi is a online payment service tailored to and only available for New Zealand players. Take note this page is intended for our New Zealand-based readers only, as Australians cannot make deposits online for the purposes of casino play after the Interactive Gaming Amendment Bill went into full legal effect in September 2017.

Available to residents of United States
Available to residents of United States

We recommend POLi as a secure payment method when playing roulette online, and it is a very good alternative to some other payment methods like PayPal, which doesn’t support New Zealand real cash deposits made to international online casino sites.

What is POLi?

POLi is a payment option for online users who don’t have a credit card, prefer to use a digital deposit service, or don’t feel quite secure enough when using their credit card online. It is a Pay Anyone form of payment which uses funds direct from your bank account to send to other payees.

POLi payments for AustraliansPOLi is quite easy to use and has directly been approved by New Zealand banks, making it an ideal choice for these players.

History of POLi

POLi was founded in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. It was created as a branch of Centricom Pty Ltd which was established in 1999. The first version was operated via ActiveX, which was not received well and did not take off due to the fact that the software was an easy and hackable program for hackers to gain access to customer’s personal and financial information. This was boycotted and is no longer available to any customers.

The latest version of POLi is fully operational in-browser and has proven to be a solid payment method due to its growing popularity and much higher (and proven) standard of security systems. It wasn’t initially available to customers on a Mac or mobile platform, but eventually became available for these platforms in 2012.

Virgin and Jetstar are two major companies which were amongst the first to jump on board and offer POLi to their customers. In 2014, Aus Post also jumped on board buying into the business.

But the most important history information to note about POLi is that it became and is still a common and popular method for gambling transactions. Offered at many of our favourite licensed Australian bookmakers, it’s a great option when making deposits and withdrawals at an Internet gaming establishment.

How to fund your online casino account with POLi

Making a deposit with POLi is quite easy provided the Internet casino is reputable, and it offers the payment method as depositing option. For safe and secure online casinos which offer an array of roulette titles we recommend visiting one or more of our favourite Internet casinos, and sign up or log in.

From here click on the ‘deposit’ or ‘banking’ link and an external window will open. From here, if POLi is available you will be able to click on the link as the preferred payment method. Many Internet casinos have a minimum limit that you can deposit with POLi, which is usually around $20. Choose this amount or higher and click next.

Some Internet casinos will double check that this is the amount you wish to deposit, if so click next again. You will then be taken to another external window where you can choose your bank, enter your account details and BSB and click confirm. Your funds will then be processed accordingly.

There is also plenty of options to go back and change any information before confirming the funds which is good for those who are more inclined to click $200 instead of $20 by accident as the deposit amount.

POLi is a great payment alternative to PayPal

PayPal is one of the most popular electronic payment methods used by customers all around the world online and is part of the web wallet or e-wallet categories. Unfortunately due to Paypal’s policies against gambling transactions which occur in jurisdictions where online gambling is illegal, New Zealanders can’t use PayPal as an option to fund their casino account.

Although NZD players are playing legally online, if they have done their research and found an online casino located in overseas where it is legal to gamble or are playing at our recommended Internet gaming establishments due to these being located in jurisdictions which allow online gambling, we can’t pay with PayPal in NZ as their policies do not coincide. Therefore the online casinos cannot not be approved by PayPal and offered.

POLi is a great alternative to PayPal and is offered at an array of online bookmaker sites. Additionally, it can sometimes be preferred over PayPal, as you are required to link a credit or debit card with the web wallet so you are still inputting your financial details online, as well as having to create a password, which is another thing to remember. POLi on the other hand doesn’t require a credit or debit card being linked nor an account to be created and therefore can be better suited to certain players when it comes to depositing.

Additionally, if the online site you are playing roulette at does not offer POLi there are alternatives where you can still use this method. Neteller is an incredibly popular web wallet predominately for gambling transactions, however it requires users to link a bank account using a credit or debit card.

However, it is possible to fund your Neteller e-wallet with POLi and use it at an Internet casino which only offers Neteller and not POLi. It is also a great alternative if players are really hesitant from putting their card information online, but still want the benefits of a web wallet.

POLi Facebook app

As technology continues to advance so too does payment methods, and POLi is keeping up with times with the release of a Facebook app which allows you to request your friends to send you money, who can then pay via POLi which is actually embedded to the Facebook interface. This is ideal if you are having friends over and you all want to put into a pool to make a bet on an online game of roulette together as it is an easy and quick method of Internet banking.

Once the payment has gone through, both ‘friends’ will receive a notification for their personal records. The best thing about this is rather than using credit cards, it uses Internet banking meaning payments aren’t reliant on extra accounts and linking credit cards to online web wallets.

The app is installed via Facebook and your BSB and account details are required to be entered before sending a request. You can select more than one friend to request money from, where you then are required to enter the amount. You can also add a personal message, and then sit the send request button and your friends will receive a funds request. They will need to also install the POLi app to pay.

To send the funds, click on ‘manage requests’, then ‘pay’, choose your bank, and then log into your bank account where you will be required to complete the transaction. It’s a great alternative to telling your friends your bank account details and having the drama of doing it all by yourself, and it is also a secure way to get money from your friends so you can all play via one account and have your own Internet casino night from your home.

Is POLi a secure deposit option?

Yes, POLi is an incredibly safe and secure deposit option. POLi is regularly reviewed and monitored in order to meet the security standards set in place for Internet payment methods. They never have access or keep passwords such as your Internet casino account password, and they use HTTPS transport level security which maintains a stellar reputation for the payment method.

Additionally, this means every time players make a deposit using POLi they’re information, such as their account name and number, isn’t being stored and therefore open to be hacked making POLi a very safe option to fund our online casino accounts to play real money roulette.