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Proper roulette etiquette tips

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Roulette is one of the most popular table games to play at both land-based and online casinos. To make sure you don’t end up as the ‘butt’ of all jokes, we have compiled a detailed list of the proper roulette etiquette for players to follow.

Available to residents of United States
Available to residents of United States

A major difference between online and land-based roulette is other players and the casino dealer won’t mind if you play naked on the couch when gambling online, but you may raise more than a few eyebrows if you strut up to the roulette table wearing your birthday suit at a brick and mortar casino. Thus, it’s important to brush up on proper protocol when playing at the live tables.

Don’t hog the table

Never forget there are other people playing – all of whom are looking to place their bets on the table. Don’t be greedy, if you have a prime position on the table, make room for others to place their bets. Always remember your odds of winning are not affected by how many people are playing.

Basically, show some social courtesy, no one wants to sit next to someone who is screaming or swearing – so don’t get so caught up in your betting that you forget the people around you.

Know when to place your bets

There are specific times allocated for players to place their bets. The dealer will signify this by announcing ‘place your bets’, after which you will be allowed to place your chips on the table. The betting period normally lasts around a minute after which the dealer will raise their hand and signal ‘no more bets’.

This is the cut-off, so in order to be fair to the other players (and to spare the dealer’s sanity) make sure your wagers are placed before bets are called off.

If you didn’t get your bets down in time, don’t worry – it won’t be too long until the next spin.

Don’t mix your chips with other players’ chips

Dealers at land based casinos have a plethora of different chips to cater for a high number of players which helps them keep track of which chips belong to which players to avoid things getting mixed up.

Therefore, do not combine your chips with those belonging to your friends or family – mixing them together to form a bet is not allowed. For this reason, be financially prepared when playing roulette because you are on your own and betting with your own cash.

Cash in your chips

In most cases, the chips you receive at the Roulette table are only able to be used at that particular table.

This is because each player gets their own chips to play with with their own colour and number which could become problematic if you move tables and try to use them at another table with the same chips.

Additionally, roulette chips are normally handed out in exchange for casino chips or cash when you start playing, meaning they are worthless as soon as you leave the table. A casino will not pay out if you randomly walk up to a roulette table to cash in your chips.

This is because you may walk out with a fistful of $1 chips on one day and return the next day when those chips may be worth $100 on a different table.

This would be costly for the casino, and yourself if it were the other way around, so ensure you always cash in your chips before moving on to another game.

Don’t touch any of the bets or markers

Once the ball stops in a slot on the roulette wheel, the dealer will put a marker beside it so that he or she can pay out the winning bets to the winning players. Under no circumstances should you touch the chips or the marker between the ‘no more bets’ call and payout time.

If you do you may be accused of cheating and could potentially see yourself being removed from the table and possibly even the casino.

Mind your manners

Always be polite to the other players and the dealer – you won’t get ahead being a pest.

Try not to bother players asking too many questions or for tips on how to play the game – if you are not sure watch some tutorials online or observe how the game is played in front of you. If you are winning, try to be gracious. Sure, be happy and excited, just don’t become so obnoxious the other players want to punch you in the face.

Also, don’t act like a pork chop if you are losing – nobody likes a sore loser.

Tip the dealer

If the casino you are playing at accepts tips, be sure to be friendly to the dealer upon leaving. Obviously you are not expected to tip if you have lost a stack of cash, but if you are in front, the dealer is probably expecting you to thank him or her with a chip or two.

This can also be something nice to do if you have pestered the dealer in regards to how the game works, or if they have taken the time to move your chips for you if they are out of reach.

Keep in mind that the casinos are the big winners, not the dealers themselves. Often they are on a measly wage, so if they have been friendly towards you, don’t be stingy if you happen to collect a win.