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Facebook roulette games

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Free casino games have been appearing on Facebook since early 2012, with the first real money gambling game, a social bingo variant called ‘Bingo Friendzy’ released in August of that year. Naturally a flood of social media-tailored roulette games have followed suit on the platform to cash in on the growing trend.

Available to residents of United States
Available to residents of United States

These days, it’s popular to play roulette, for free or for real money, via Facebook. There are perks to playing roulette on Facebook, but when you compare the Facebook gaming experience to what you would get at a dedicated Web casino, you most likely won’t be able to go back to the sub-standard versions found on social media sites. Even though there are a whole heap of roulette games popping up on Facebook, roulette is always best played at reputable casino venues.

How to play roulette on Facebook

Facebook Roulette

Playing roulette on Facebook is convenient, which is one of the few drawcards for playing on this platform. To play roulette on Facebook, all you need to do is download an app through the site’s app system. There is a range of different applications to choose from, you can either opt for an app that solely offers roulette or a broader casino app that contains more types of casino games.

For the roulette application to work, you will have to give it permission to access some aspects of your account – a big disadvantage in our books, on account of privacy concerns from an app which should not ask for it. Once the app has been added to the account you should be able to access it through its icon on the right hand bar of your Facebook interface.

Roulette providers on Facebook

Here are some of the major roulette providers on Facebook. Some are general casino games apps that have a roulette variant as a part of them, and others only have roulette. All of these applications have thousands of active players.

  • Let’s Vegas Casino Roulette: it offers slots, craps, blackjack, baccarat and roulette.
  • Double Down Casino: blackjack, roulette and several other games.
  • Mundi Games Roulette: this is a basic roulette game but it allows you to invite Facebook friends to play alongside you.
  • Cleos Casino: this casino games app has a classic version of roulette but its specialty is its themed slots.
  • Yazino Roulette: this app is all about the social side of roulette, you can chat with other players at your table and invite your friends to join you at a particular table. It’s a multi-player version of the game.
  • Caesars Casino: this app has video slots, blackjack and roulette. You can access all its games from your mobile device as well as from a desktop.
  • Pros of playing roulette on Facebook

    One of the main pulls for playing on Facebook is the convenience of it. People see an ad on the side bar of their Facebook homepage and all they have to do is download the app to start playing, which is the reason for a lot of casual players playing on Facebook. There are no sign up processes for Facebook casino apps because you already provide personal info with your Facebook profile so there usually aren’t any additional forms to fill out.

    The other main advantage of playing roulette on Facebook is the social side of these games. Most of the Facebook roulette apps make advantage of the fact their gaming platform is a social media site. All most all gaming apps have the option to invite your Facebook friends to play the same game as you, and many roulette games let you pick which roulette table to play at so you can organise to play at the same place as your friends. Many Facebook games also have a chat feature so you can chat with other live players at your virtual roulette table, whether you’re acquainted with them or not.

    Cons of playing roulette on Facebook

    Unfortunately, there are many more cons to playing roulette on Facebook. In summary, the main downfall of Facebook roulette games is that they don’t live up to the standard of dedicated casinos.

    European Roulette Gold @ All Sloys Casino

    The authenticity and high-quality gameplay of casinos is unmatched by Facebook roulette games.

    Dedicated Web casinos have better gaming software than Facebook. Facebook simply doesn’t have the platform available for it. However all the major, reputable online casinos have industry-leading technology that give you the best gaming experience possible.

    A lot of online casinos will have instantly play Flash-based versions of games that you can play straight away without downloading any additional software and more advanced versions of its casino games that you can play using their specialised gaming software that you can download for free, this technology let’s you play games at their most premium quality.

    Play roulette from both platforms and you’ll quickly see that the quality of games is indisputably higher at worthwhile dedicated online casinos, where there is the capacity to run better and smoother games.

    Another advantage of dedicated online casinos over Facebook is the real money aspect of gambling. If you wish to play real money roulette you’re much better off playing at a proper virtual casino because you will have more flexibility in your betting options and more control over how much you wish to spend. The whole process of making a deposit, converting your money to chip value and then making a withdrawal is a lot easier at a Web casino and you have more customer support there.

    Most Facebook games where you can play with real money have a strange conversion system of actual money to chip value. For instance, $10 may be worth 250 chips, and this makes it hard to keep a track of how much you’re actually spending. Trustworthy online casinos use state of the art digital encryption technology to entirely protect your funds and personal details whenever you make a transaction with them.

    Best alternatives to Facebook Roulette

    If you want to venture away from the roulette apps found on Facebook and give something better a try we recommend playing the roulette variants at these online casinos a try. All have solid reputations for having excellent games, top service for their customers and they can be trusted to make safe deposits and speedy withdrawals.

    All of the above online casinos we recommend are 100% legal to play at for real money for Australians, and utilise the most state-of-the-art digital encryption security technology to safeguard player information and deposits.