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Roulette is better than the pokies

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Roulette and pokies are two extremely popular casino games with one major feature shared between them: they are two of the most accessible and easy-to-play games for all players.

Available to residents of United States
Available to residents of United States

Many other card games require complex strategy, intense memorisation, and an understanding of a book worth of rules in order to play, let alone win real money in the long run. Entering a game of blackjack or baccarat without the appropriate knowledge is not ideal, and practising for hours via online software isn’t for every type of gambler; not all of us have the time nor dedication. That’s not to say jumping in to a game of roulette or spinning the reels on a pokies machine should be done without any direction as to how to play, it’s just much easier to learn. And this is what draws players to the roulette wheel and the flashing lights of the slots.

When it comes down to choosing which game you are more suited to, you should consider the following:

1/ Your personal play preferences.
2/ The probability and odds in the respective game.
3/ How much of a casino’s house edge you are willing to tolerate.

Here we examine the pros and cons of both, and draw a conclusion based on the findings (maybe obvious as per the title of this article).

Pros of Roulette

RouletteThe main appeal of roulette is the game can be as simple as placing a chip on your desired number or even-money pocket, getting a lucky spin of the ball, and walking away with a healthy stack of chips. With up to 38 numbers on the wheel/table layout (depending on the variant of the game), and a whole lot of outside pocket betting options, roulette has plenty of choice, and is accessible to every type of gambler.

Roulette’s randomness is governed by the ever-alluring little wheel and a counter spin of the ball against the direction of the spinning wheel. Skill level plays virtually no role in your chances of winning, and this is why so many casual gamblers opt to play roulette, and why many experienced players often jump in when they are in need of a more relaxed game.

Roulette also grants us the flexibility to either play the game in its simplest form – placing a bet on a random number or combination of numbers, and counting on pure luck, or by employing our own set of in-depth betting strategies that work for us. We can choose to follow these well-established (but certainly not bullet proof) systems, and bet using positive and/or negative progressions that help us play, feel more comfortable, and hopefully win more money.

Pros of Pokies

SlotsHitting up the pokies is as easy as counting to 10. Anyone can find an alluring slot machine and press the button to chance their luck for some winnings. Pokies use video displays to simulate physical reels, and have added graphics such as flashy, wild symbols, animated mascots and energetic sound effects to lure in gamblers of all sorts, but all of them are very straightforward. Five-reel and multi-line games with bonus levels and free spins is a big draw-card for players keen on the reels.

The vast selection of pokies available in land-based casinos and online websites, and the sheer amount of games on offer with unique bonus features, is always going to be a massive advantage of this type of gaming and worthy of consideration. Like roulette, the pokies are a game entirely of chance and require nothing but luck to win, which many gamblers find attractive, seeing as they don’t have to think too hard about their next moves.

A Comparison: Roulette v Pokies

While roulette and the pokies both incorporate a huge degree of chance, it is arguable that roulette grants us more control and flexibility over our bets and thus leaves us in more control over our potential successes; something which cannot be underestimated in games of pure luck. For those players who wish to stick with straightforward bets and simplicity, the pokies may remain a favourite. You can’t argue with the ease and limited effort of hitting a button/pulling a lever to hopefully receive a big payout. That is not to say you can’t employ certain tactics and game-plans while playing the slots, it’s just that roulette lends itself more to strategic play than the pokies.

You can casually place a few bets with ease and limited guidelines in roulette, or you can opt to follow a stricter and more complex betting pattern to attempt to maximise profits and minimise losses; substantially more flexible than the pokies.

Let us also not disregard the social element of roulette if playing within a land-based casino. The atmosphere and thrills of playing with friends does add an extra level of enjoyment and interaction to the game, which a slot machine can’t exactly match. The social aspect of roulette offers company, which can help us feel more comfortable and less impulsive when we are winning (or losing).

Winning (or losing) with a friend is often more enjoyable than winning (or losing) on your own. An amusing and entertaining live dealer, when playing off-line, is also great for laughs, rather than a pokies screen (which do have great graphics and sounds, nevertheless). It’s often easy to forget we play roulette simply for fun and to socialise, as well as in the hope of pocketing some tax-free cash, so keep this in mind when deciding which game is better for you.

The Final Verdict: Roulette

For flexibility, entertainment, social, and high risk, high reward reasons, it is our view that roulette is the better of the two games for casual players. We certainly aren’t implying the pokies are not a viable option; in fact some down-time with the slots is often a good idea. But ultimately, when pitting the two games of chance against each other, roulette takes the cake in our opinion.