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How to play Spingo

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If you are a fan of unusual games or are transitioning from bingo into traditional casino style games, then you will be a fan of Microgaming’s Spingo. A hybrid between roulette and bingo, this title is available at some of our favourite Microgaming casinos for real money.

Available to residents of United States
Available to residents of United States

How to play Spingo

Spingo’s game layout resembles a roulette title with a table layout and a wheel. If you look closer, you will notice the numbers on the grid aren’t the same as a traditional roulette title – rather, the numbers only go to 10 and there is the inclusion of four different colours.

Spingo online for real moneyThe game works with players picking the result of a spin by placing chips on the appropriate fields, similar to roulette. However, there are only numbers one to 10 along each column, as well as a zero on the outside layout of the grid.

The three columns are colour coded, red, yellow, and blue, and there is also a green option on the outside layout next to the zero.

There is a backing soundtrack that sounds as though it is a remix of the traditional music you will find on standard roulette titles, indicating that this is indeed a modern take on a traditional title. You can easily mute this in the ‘options’ menu.

Spingo bets and payouts

There are a number of bets you can place in Spingo, each with their own payout attached. The highest payout is attributed to the colour number bet, and the lowest payout attributed to the even money bets (even or odd, and low or high bets).

  • Green colour bet: Place your chip on the green cell, with a 24:1 payout
  • Zero number bet: Place your chip on the zero cell, with a 20:1 payout
  • Colour bet: Place your bet on either red, blue, or yellow, with a 3:1 payout
  • Number bet: Place your bet on any number from one to 10 on the numbers on the outside of the layout, with a 10:1 payout
  • Colour and number bet: Place your chip on a colour and a number on the inside of the grid, with a 32:1 payout
  • Even or odd bets: Place your bet on the ‘even’ or ‘odd’ cell to predict that the number will be even or odd, respectively, both with a 2:1 payout
  • Low or high bet: Place your bet on ‘low’ to predict that the number will be from one to five, or ‘high’ to predict that the number will be from six to 10, both with a payout of 2:1

It is important to note that you are able to make more than one bet at once.

Betting range

The betting range is dependant on the type of bet you make, as follows;

  • Green colour bet: Minimum $0.50, maximum $20
  • Zero number bet: Minimum $0.50, maximum $20
  • Colour bet: Minimum $1, maximum $80
  • Number bet: Minimum $0.75, maximum $30
  • Colour and number bet: Minimum $0.25, maximum $10
  • Even or odd bet: Minimum $1, maximum $100
  • Low or high bet: Minimum $1, maximum $100

Chip size ranges from $0.25 up to $10 and there aren’t any bonus rounds or progressive jackpots involved in Spingo.

Spingo strategy

Just as the bet sizes are dependant on the type of bet you make, so too is the house edge. It is important to take the house advantage into consideration when playing if you want to play smartly.

  • Green colour bet: 4% house edge
  • Zero number bet: 4.76% house edge
  • Colour bet: 4% house edge
  • Number bet: 4.76% house edge
  • Colour and number bet: 2.48% house edge
  • Even or odd bet: 4.76% house edge
  • Low or high bet: 4.76% house edge

From this table, the best choice is the colour and number bet featuring the lowest house edge of 2.48% and a 32:1 payout for getting it right. However it is important to remember just as roulette is based on luck, so too is this game.

Where to play Spingo

Spingo is a perfect transitional title and great for real money punters looking for something a little bit different from the usual American or European roulette. The best places to play are at our recommended Microgaming online roulette casinos: