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Is Roulette more fun than keno?

With so many casino games out there, picking between two can be quite difficult, especially if you have narrowed it down to roulette and keno, two of the most popular luck-based real money games. Our team have tried and tested all the games you could think of and are here to help you decide which is better, and though we might be biased when it comes to roulette, the game is definitely more exciting. Here are a few reasons why we prefer playing roulette over keno.

Roulette is more exciting than keno

We’re going to kick off with the most brutally honest point and that is that roulette is a lot more exciting than keno. The most predominant key to this argument is that roulette has more bets than keno.

All you can really change up in keno is how much you plan to bet and how many numbers or spots you are going to choose, though there is an interesting land-based keno alternative we touch on below. Roulette on the other hand offers that many bets that they have even been put them into two different categories – the inside and the outside bets. With so many wagers to choose from, players will find roulette more engaging and interesting than keno.

Another thing to consider is the visual appeal. The wheel still offers the view of the ball for roulette. If the keno title is at a casino venue with a human dealer, there is still a lack of excitement as a ball machine goes too fast to be very thrilling, and therefore roulette wins in the ambience department.

Roulette has multiple online variations

Leading software developers such as Microgaming and Net Entertainment have created multiple roulette variations such as Roulette Royale; Premier Roulette; Multi-Wheel Gold; American, French and European Roulette; Roulette Pro; and more, while online keno basically has the standard keno title with all the same rules regardless of the software provider, with one or two variations such as Bonus Keno which has the same gameplay just with a continuously increasing jackpot on offer.

The fact that there are multiple variations of roulette means players won’t get bored quickly when playing the same game, as they can mix it up by changing rules via different variations. Additionally, the different titles also cater to individual preferences, such as high stake roulette titles for high rollers as well as low limit roulette for those who don’t like to gamble big.

Keno does not offer a variation with either of these options available, meaning it does not cater for individual preferences. So if you’re new to the gambling scene and don’t know what you like, if you stick to keno you may be limited in terms of what online gaming can offer you.

Roulette is available at every Internet casino

Trawling the countless online casinos can be time consuming, especially if they don’t have the game you are after. This is rarely the case when looking for roulette, but with keno it can be quite difficult to track down a game offered at a reputable online casino. Since roulette is available at most gambling sites, players wont ever have to settle for dodgy Internet casinos, giving us just another reason to favour roulette over keno.

Roulette is more popular at casinos

As soon as we walk into a brick and mortar casino we notice two things – slot machines and table games featuring blackjack, baccarat, and of course roulette. Keno is nowhere near our line of site and may only be found on small television screens tucked away amongst the sports room, or even as a one-off dealer keno option where a ball pops out and a croupier reads the ball number, though this isn’t as common as the roulette tables manning the floor.

There is a reason that casinos offer so many tables of roulette and it comes down to the game’s iconic little wheel and the social atmosphere it presents. At land-based casinos, it allows you to be social and interact with others players and watch how they bet and many get in on their lucky streak, too.

Keno on the other hand requires you to pick your numbers and watch intently as they read them out to see if you have won, with little or no game interaction involved if you end up just waiting to scan your ticket at the end of your games to socialise instead. While you can head down to your local pub for a game of keno, which you can’t do for a game of roulette, we think this is actually a drawback since it doesn’t make the game special when you do go to land-based casinos.

While we may play roulette online, thus seemingly cancelling this point out, we believe they are two different experiences and playing roulette online still means gaming at brick and mortar casinos is still quite special.

Live dealer roulette

While live dealer roulette is more common than live dealer keno, there are keno titles with live recorded croupiers available from Ezugi. However when we compare the two, live dealer roulette wins hands down. Human dealers recorded in real time determine the outcome in live dealer roulette, while the dealers in live dealer keno only read out the number that is randomly mixed around – like a lottery.

Additionally, it can be hard to hear the live dealer in the keno version as the ball machine is so loud. Live dealer roulette offers an exciting land-based mimicked experience that gives players the opportunity to make bets via a virtual interface.

While live dealer keno is unique to even the usual land-based venues that offer keno, as they generally involve a form and a television, it has its drawbacks which makes live dealer roulette the better option.

Play both keno and roulette

While we are leaning towards roulette, players who have a harder time making up their mind about which is better can play both at the same time. The two titles can be found offered in the one game but it’s only available at venues such as pubs or RSLs. This game is known as keno roulette. The form comes in a classic and splits and corners option so players can mix it up.

The classic form is split into three columns with the first column featuring the even or odd, red or black, high or low options as well as how much you want to bet on any of these bets. To pick which option all you do is mark with the traditional x through the box as you do on the standard forms. The second column involves the first, second, and third dozen bet options, with the first dozen featuring one to 12, the second dozen featuring 13 to 24, and the third dozen featuring 25 to 36, just like a roulette table.

Once again, how much you wish to bet is at the top of this column. Finally, there is the third column which is the individual numbers from one to 36 as well as a zero and double zero option just like American roulette has. This column allows you to bet on an individual number or numbers and select how much you wish to bet with the amount at the top of the column just like the other two columns have.

The splits and corners form allows you to select a corners bet, split bet, or a line bet only just as you would in a game of roulette, with how much you wish to bet along the top of the form.