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Where to play mobile live dealer roulette

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In the modern era, live roulette croupiers can be streamed directly to your mobile device. Whether you have an Android, Apple, or Windows smartphone or tablet, you can play real money roulette wherever you have an Internet or mobile data connection (3G and 4G means anywhere and everywhere).

Available to residents of United States
Available to residents of United States

Mobile-optimised casinos with live dealer roulette

Guts mobileWhen we say you can carry around your very own roulette dealer, we don’t mean physically. Instead, we are referring to the fact you can log on to reputable mobile casinos with your smartphone or tablet and access a live dealer on the go.

Sign up by tapping our links to view the catalogue, and make a deposit with one of the many AUD-friendly payment methods to get playing the titles.

You can also install the web app onto your Samsung, iPhone, Windows Phone, or other smartphone or tablet via the homepage and this will allow you for direct access from your home screen to the live casino catalogue, as well as other casino games optimised for the HTML 5 platform.

Live dealer roulette games software differences and stakes

You can find an array of live dealer roulette games with varying featuring and table limits at our recommeded mobile casinos.

Evolution Gaming iPhone roulette at Guts Mobile Casino

  • Auto Roulette Live – Extreme – Minimum: $1, Maximum: $75,000
  • Auto Roulette Live VIP – Extreme – Minimum: $1, Maximum: $75,000
  • Auto Roulette Live – Evolution Gaming – Minimum: $0.10, Maximum: $25,000
  • Auto Roulette Live VIP – Evolution Gaming – Minimum: $0.50, Maximum: $50,000
  • Dragonara Roulette – Portomaso Gaming – Minimum: $0.50, Maximum: $50, Spread: $2000
  • Dolphin’s Roulette – Extreme – Minimum: $1, Maximum: $75,000
  • German Live Roulette – Evolution Gaming – Minimum: $0.50, Maximum: $25,000
  • Immersive Roulette – Evolution Gaming – Minimum: $0.50, Maximum: $75,000
  • Live Stream Roulette Oracle Casino – Portomaso Gaming – Minimum: $0.50, Maximum: $50, Spread: $2000
  • Live Stream Roulette Portomaso Casino – Portomaso Gaming – Minimum: $0.50, Maximum: $50, Spread: $2000
  • Live Stream Roulette VIP Portomaso Casino – Portomaso Gaming – Minimum: $2, Maximum: $250, Spread: $10,000
  • Live Roulette – Extreme – Minimum: $1, Maximum: $75,000
  • London Roulette Live – Evolution Gaming – Minimum: $2, Maximum: $75,000
  • Lucky Lady’s Roulette – Extreme – Minimum: $1, Maximum: $75,000
  • Ra Roulette – Extreme – Minimum: $1, Maximum: $75,000
  • Roulette Live – Evolution Gaming – Minimum: $1, Maximum: $75,000
  • Roulette Live VIP – Evolution Gaming – Minimum: $5, Maximum: $75,000

There are a number of differences between the three software developers. Before we get into those, we just want to note the similarities: All have to be played in landscape mode on smartphones, but on tablets you can opt for both landscape and portrait modes (Extreme requires the table layout in portrait mode but you can view the video feed in landscape).

All titles require you to be logged in to play and for each title you need to tap your screen’s device on the animated table interface to place your bets.

The differences, however, include:

Set up:

Portomaso Gaming have set up their dealers in actual casinos in Malta, including the Oracle casino in St Paul’s Bay and the Portomaso casino. This adds to the ambience of trying to created a mimicked land-based casino since they are streaming live from actual casinos.

Evolution Gaming and Extreme Live Gaming both have studios, located in Malta and London, where tables have been set up specifically for filming. Since you can see the tables in the background and the setting has been designed to look like a casino, there isn’t a huge difference to the ambience.


As you can see from our list above, Extreme Live gaming seems to have more unique variants than the other software developers, including Lucky’s Lady Roulette, Roulette Ra, Dolphin’s Roulette and more.

The other software providers seem to keep it simple either varying it up with table limits, studios, or languages.


The layout for the live roulette catalogue from each software provider isn’t vastly unlike, but there are a few minor differences.

Evolution Gaming and Extreme have have put the dealer in the centre of the screen with a 2D table layout just under the video feed and you can opt to view it or remove it by tapping the video icon and instead view the table layout. You can also swipe right for a full screen view of Extreme’s video feed.

Portomaso on the other hand has a bird’s eye view of the real tables at the casino often panning to see the dealer or zooming to see the roulette wheel. You can tap to have the table layout on top of this feed and remove it once bets are placed.

Operational hours:

Extreme Live Gaming and Evolution Gaming offer their live titles 24/7, while Portomaso Gaming live croupier roulette is only available to play at certain hours of the days – between 10am and 5am CET.

What mobile devices should I play live dealer roulette on?

Modern smartphones and tablets should all be compatible with live dealer titles however Apple, Android, and Windows are the best operating systems to play live roulette with.

Therefore, we have included the best mobile devices when it comes to playing live croupier roulette, as follows;

  • iPhone – many generations available, with the iPhone 3 the minimum recommendation, and the 6S Plus the optimum device for gaming
  • iPad – many generations with most compatible, with the large screen sizes (except for the iPad Mini) ideal for gaming
  • iPod Touch – convenient if you are after a separate gaming device to your smartphone or tablet
  • Samsung Galaxy – huge screens for smartphones meaning you can play on the go easily, with most generations compatible
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab – most generations are compatible but opt for the latest with the S Pen to give your thumb a break from tapping the table to make your roulette bets
  • Nexus – a pure Android operating system and great for Google enthusiasts
  • Nokia Lumia – perfect for those after a Windows operating system which is compatible with live dealer roulette
  • MOTO G3 – water resistant so you can game by the pool