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Social media roulette

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Facebook, the social media platform which hosts an array of games, offers casino-style titles including roulette for users to play. However, after our experience with roulette via social media we have come to the conclusion online casinos are a much better platform.

Available to residents of United States
Available to residents of United States

While Facebook allows you to share your winnings with your friends, invite them to play with and against you, as well as create a social ambience with being able to chat via the messenger service during gameplay, we have found it isn’t as thrilling as although there are credits which players can buy or points which they can earn, it doesn’t allow you to play with or win real money.

We have also found that there are solutions when playing at Internet gaming establishments if you are after a social ambience, and is just another reason why we prefer playing roulette via online casino platforms over social media platforms.

What is social media roulette?

We have all played games via the Facebook platform and along with the ever popular Farmville and Candy Crush Saga, there are casino style games including roulette. Since it’s illegal for app developers to create real money, interactive casino games for a Facebook platform, similar to app developers who create mobile native apps, they have found another way to attract gaming customers.

There are plenty of games available and we take a look at a few to show you what exactly we mean and how this feature along with a lot of other aspects garnered by Facebook roulette titles do not compare with online casino games.

To take a look at what games are on offer simply go to the ‘Games’ page which is located under apps on the left hand side bar. When you are on the page you can search for roulette titles or go to the ‘Casino’ category page where you will find a number of casino-style games.

Roulette Casino Style

This app offers players the option to play either American roulette or European roulette. It begins by prompting you to invite your friends and for every friend who you do invite you get 50 chips. Basically, if you annoy your friends with constant invites you will be able to play for free, but you cannot withdraw these chips as real money at any point in time. You can also skip this part as we know how annoying those invites are.

You start off with no chips and the only options to get chips is to either badger your friends with invites or buy chips, with the most in this game costing just over $AUD 100 for 2,000,000 chips. Now while this sounds like a bargain, in the realm of online gaming we have to remember we are playing on the Facebook platform and here, there is no chance of getting any money back as you would when playing at an online casino.

In other words you are paying to play the game instead of depositing to potentially make a profit, similar to playing a game at timezone, though even then you can win a toy for your efforts.

For those just wanting to try out a game on Facebook, you can buy 1,000 chips for $1 which isn’t much, and since some online casinos have a minimum deposit this is an option before playing at a real Internet casino and making a larger deposit.

But once again there is no chance you will be getting anything but gameplay time out of the roulette title even if you do win during your game. One more thing to note, the audio is horrible so we recommend muting it if you are going to have a play.

Roulette Arena

Roulette arena gives you chips to begin with so you don’t have to badger your friends or buy any chips to begin, though you can do both like the aforementioned game. It also goes at the pace of a land-based venue roulette game, with a certain time to place your bets and the wheel spinning in real time. Additionally, a multiple number of players are in on the game so you and your friends can play together and bet against one another. But once again even if you do win, you can’t withdraw your winnings.

You can make it to their leader board which shows your Facebook picture and how many chips you have won, though this seems a little creepy to us in that strangers can then click on your Facebook, add you as a friend, and have a browse. The audio is more authentic with a casino style ambience created, though when the time to place your bets is counting down there is an irritating clicking noise which we had to mute.

Additionally, you can unlock levels which does make this game more interactive and a little bit worthwhile if you are going to buy chips, but once again if you are after entertainment and a real time feeling when playing roulette online you can opt for live dealer roulette titles at online casinos where you can actually win something.

Facebook roulette vs online casino roulette

While we have mentioned two Facebook games, there are plenty more which are quite similar in that they either allow you to play for free, prompt you to invite friends for chips, or even encourage you to purchase chips using your own money which in turn cannot be withdrawn once processed. We have come up with a few points as to why roulette at Internet casinos is much better than playing roulette on Facebook.

Play roulette for free – While Facebook’s drawcard is the fact the games can be played for free, online casinos also offer a free play mode so players can experience the game before they play with real money. You don’t even need to sign up to the casino to play in this mode, just follow our links to one of our recommended online casinos and pick a title to play in free mode. If you like it you can easily sign up and make a deposit to play in real money mode.

Online casino roulette is more social – While playing on Facebook seems like you are creating a social ambience due to the fact you can invite friends, you could actually be doing the opposite. Many of your Facebook friends may not be interested in the same games as you are and the invitations may just annoy them. When playing at an online casino you are in an environment where everyone wants to play the games you want to play as it is a site specifically catered for casino games. If you are after a social experience, live dealer roulette offers the ability to stream a human dealer directly to your screen along with a chat box to talk to other players that are sitting at your table who clearly have the same interest in roulette as you do, thus creating an exciting social experience.

You can win real money at online casinos – As mentioned before, it is illegal for app developers to create interactive gambling games on a Facebook platform, but it isn’t illegal to allow in app purchases for players to buy credits. While this may seem like they have found a loophole, really it only benefits them as we can’t win any real money, and even if we do win it is just credits to continue playing and never withdraw. Online casinos on the other hand offer the chance to deposit money and withdraw any winnings if you have won.

Better graphics and audio – As we pointed out, the Facebook roulette games have terrible and annoying audio. Online casinos strive to create an authentic experience for their players and therefore offer games with audio which mimics land-based casinos and it is generally background noise that doesn’t overrule the game. Additionally, reputable online casinos utilise top leading software developers which pride themselves on their graphics, meaning these games win by a mile in comparison to the graphics which Facebook roulette apps offer.

Is playing roulette at an online casino safe?

Many people may choose Facebook roulette over playing at an online casino due to not knowing whether or not it is safe to play at an Internet gaming establishment. We have done our research and found some of the best online casinos to play roulette at in order for players to be safe.

Operating with customer service in mind, these online casinos are trustworthy and keep all your financial and personal details safe so you can have a secure experience playing roulette online. Additionally, they do not share information such as who you are the way Facebook does.

When playing titles on Facebook your photo and Facebook page is included so anyone can see who you are, whereas when playing online you can make up an alias username and your real name will be kept private and confidential.